Historic Court House Tours

Visit Ballan’s fully-restored Court House

The Ballan Shire Historical Society Inc will opening the Ballan Court House for tours on the day.

Built in 1873 and closed in 1983, the Court House was re-opened in 1990 as a local history record and resource centre. A full renovation was undertaken and work completed in 2015 to restore the building to its former glory.

Our Collection

The society has a large collection of paper-based books, newspapers, documents, letters and photographs relevant to the Ballan Shire (1838 to the present day).

Be sure to check out the ‘Ballan Then & Now‘ display at the Moorabool Wind Farm exhibit!

Photos and information about Ballan’s oldest buildings have provided by the Ballan Shire Historical Society – take a trip down memory lane and find out the history behind these beautiful buildings.

Take a tour of the Ballan Court House at the Ballan Autumn Festival

How to get there?

The Ballan Court House is a short stroll from the Festival and located at 45-47 Steiglitz St, Ballan.