Ballan Farmers Market Grande Street Parade

“The parade always puts a smile on my face…”

You can’t help it – there’s something about a marching procession that gets you excited.

It’s the goofy characters that make you laugh, the excitement in the children’s faces as they march proudly showing off their school artwork.

It’s the old vintage cars restored to their former glory, or the old tractor barely able to go the distance! It’s the decorated floats all competing for the main prize, or those local heroes giving high fives and throwing candy into the crowds.

No matter who or how old you are, there’s bound to be something to make you smile.

Get there early to secure your spot

The highlight of the festival is always our grande parade, celebrating the local groups that make up our community.

Starting at 11AM, our procession starts at Steptoes Opportunity shop and travels down the main street, concluding at the Ballan District Health & Care. Make sure you’re there early to get to the front of the crowd that gathers from 10:30AM.

A trip down memory lane! At the 2017 festival, we celebrated ‘our pioneering days’ in true BAF style.

The 2017 Grande Street Parade is brought to you by the Ballan Farmers Market. One popular community event supporting another. See you at the Ballan Farmers Market – the second Saturday of the month.
Ballan Farmers Market are proud sponsor of the Grande Street Parade

Do you want to take part in the 2018 Grande Parade?

Registration information and online registration form. Applications close 14 March.