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BAF Committee

Introducing the BAF Committee as of the 2019 AGM

The Ballan Autumn Festival Inc. Committee was appointed at the 2019 AGM on July 9. Carrying on the legacy of the previous committee we now have in place a very dynamic structure that maintains our full time official Executive Roles and also incorporates our casual sub committee roles that ensure a successful festival. Our structure is one that ensures we all have a voice and are able to compliment and assist each other.

At the 2019 AGM we have also elected the Immediate Past President to the role of Vice President to ensure a smooth transition and to maintain the valuable connections and networks inside our community that we value greatly.

BAF 2020 Org Chart
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Did you know?

We’re all unpaid volunteers who donate our time and skill for free to ensure the Ballan Autumn Festival is a success every year, even more so as 2020 marks our 45th year running the oldest festival in the region and bringing our broad and diverse community together.

Our casual Sub Committee roles are a very important component of our structure, and are a great way to join the BAF team for a specific task or event. They are not full time roles throughout the year, however in the lead up to the Ballan Autumn Festival they are critical to ensuring a great event.

Want to Contact us?

Firstly, Thank You! We think that communication is vital to a small community. Your first point of contact is either via our general email address or via Facebook Messenger. Alternatively you an find our contact details on our Contact Us page if a phone call works better for you.

Interested in joining our team?

Please get in contact with us, we value new people and the skills, expertise, and passion that you could contribute. It is a very rewarding team to join.