Market Stall Guide - Ballan Autumn Festival

Thank you for your interest in the Ballan Autumn Festival (BAF).

The festival is an annual celebration of our local culture, creativity and community, and remains the single event in the Moorabool shire that is able to attract a large number of locals and visitors to Ballan in 2018 attendance was at over 10,000 visitors.

To ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible, stallholders are required to comply with the Terms and Conditions set out below. By signing the declaration on the application form, stallholders agree to abide by these rules.

Please carefully read the information presented below and contact us if you have any queries.

Rabbit in a Hat

The Market Stall Guide Terms and Conditions has four sections.

Online Application Process

Online application form constitutes an Expression of Interest (EOI) only, which will be assessed for suitability by the committee. If you are successful in your application, you will be provided with an invoice for payment. Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of payment and stall allocated will be provided early March. The process is further detailed below.

Application Process

  1. Expressions of interest can be completed online by clicking on the Stall Application Form from the Main Menu above.
  2. Complete the application form supplying all required information. Please note that your application can not be progressed unless all required information is provided, including a copy of your insurance documents.
  3. Once your online application is submitted, this will be assessed by our stalls coordinator who will validate the information supplied. If further information is needed, you will be contacted. If you are successful in your application, you will be provided with an invoice for payment. Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of payment and stall allocated will be provided early March.
  4. Payment must be received by the due date indicated on the invoice. If payment is not received by this date, your stall will be reallocated.
  5. Once payment is received, you will get final confirmation of your booking. Your site allocation will be supplied two weeks prior to the festival.

Booking Conditions

  • Stall bookings are non-negotiable and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis or at the discretion of the committee with no further discussion entered in to.
  • The BAF committee retains the right to refuse a stall application or to remove any stall deemed unsuitable or unsavory.
  •  The BAF committee retains the right to make reasonable alterations to these Terms & Conditions as it may be required to do. Stallholders will be notified of any changes made.
  • Stall description (goods and services for sale/distribution) must be listed clearly on the application form.
  • The committee reserves the right to refuse a stall to setup or to cause a stall cease trading if the stall is found to be selling products or services not listed on their application. Stall fees are not refundable to those removed from trading.
  • Online applications will remain open until all available market stall sites are allocated.

Fee Schedule

One of the Ballan Autumn Festival Association Inc’s objectives is to increase the commercial opportunities available for local traders within the Moorabool shire. To achieve this, we operate a two tiered pricing model; one price for traders whose registered address is within the Moorabool Shire, and one price for those outside the shire.

  • Stalls which are successful in their application are not guaranteed or confirmed until full payment is received.
  • No refunds for non-attendance, poor sales, bad weather or any other condition.
  • Fees will be receipted and a copy of the receipt will be emailed to the address listed on the application form.

Stall Requirements

  • All stalls must comply with Worksafe obligations as per Victorian OHS regulations 2007 and amendments. Further information can be viewed via the Worksafe site here
  • A standard stall site is approximately 3M wide and 3M deep. A double site is 6M wide 3M deep. Double sites will incur double the fees of a single site.
  • Stallholders are required to nominate the number and nature of stalls required on the application form. Any later change will be at the discretion of the BAF Committee and is subject to the availability of space.
  • A stall foot-print must not exceed the area paid for. If you exceed this space, you will be asked to immediately remove any additional items. You will be suspended from trading until the situation has been rectified.
  • Stallholders must bring all items they require to trade on the day – sites are not powered and no water is available.
    Please be prepared for all weather conditions.
  • Marquees must be weighed down. The committee reserve the right to suspend your trade if we believe your site poses a risk to festival goers.

Generator Requirements

  • All generators must be noted on the application form as sites requiring generators will be located at the discretion of the committee to limit negative impact on other stalls and the public amenity.
  • Generators must not be visible from the front of your stall site and be no more than 60DB at operational load, at a distance of 2M from accessible areas, from any angle. We strongly advise the use of inverter generators.
  • Generators identified as exceeding this will be relocated at the discretion of the committee.

Prohibited Products

  1.  Anything determined inappropriate by the BAF Committee.
  2. Explosives of any kind (cap guns, fireworks, throw-downs).
  3. Products that can cause injury: in particular, electric shock (battery operated and electronic items are not allowed to be sold).
  4. Products (including second hand) of a ‘restricted’ or an illegal nature, including drugs, pornographic material or otherwise illegal or prohibited goods.

Stall bump-in, setup and pack-up

  • Commercial and personal liability insurance is the responsibility of the stallholder. Copies of insurance papers must be provided with all application forms.
  • Bump in is between 6:15am and 8:00am, and stalls must be set up by 9:00am. No vehicle movement is permitted in the festival zone between 8:00am and 4pm. Further details on parking and vehicle movements will be distributed to stall holders closer to the date.
  • Trading opens at 9am and closes at 4pm.
  • Stall pack-down is from 4pm strictly and must be completed no later than 5pm. Sites must be vacated by 5pm.
  • Stallholders are required to take ALL rubbish (foodwaste, water, plastics and paper etc) off site and are not to dispose of rubbish anywhere in the festival zone.
  • Stallholders found to break this policy may be barred from having a stall at a future BAF and council penalties may apply.

Food Safety Handling Certificate

  • Moorabool Shire Council requires all food and consumables vendors to submit a ‘Statement of Trade’ (SOT) at the BAF. The STREATTRADER portal can be found at
  • A copy of your SOT must be emailed once your site has been approved. Please do not submit your SOT before you have been approved by our Market Coordinator. Your SOT can be emailed to us at
  • We encourage all vendors to lodge their SOT as soon as you have been confirmed. Your SOT must be submitted no later than 5 days before the market.
  • Failure to comply with legislation will result in you being asked to cease trading until your set up is compliant and/or fined by Moorabool Shire Council Health inspectors.
  • This applies to ALL food and Beveridge vendors selling food and drinks in Victoria, including temporary food premises.